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GMTS Brinkmeier GmbH offers a wide range of diecast models, collectibles, collector models, promotional models and model kits. We are importer for EMEK-Trucks in Scale 1:25. In Scale 1:50 we produce “Linie50 Golden-Oldies” and let produce from Tekno all GERMAN forwarder trucks and some more. You will find also Herpa, Norscot - CAT, Weise-Toys, Universal-Hobbies, NZG, Conrad and much more. Have fun browsing our shop.

EMEK New in a Video - have a look here please!

GMTS Brinkmeier GmbH is manufacturer of truck models "Golden Oldies line 50" as well as tracks of the gauge IIm and importer of EMEK truck models plus the finely detailed TEKNO vehicle models. Also in sale, the products of other wellknown manufacturers such as Herpa, Norscot, WeiseToys, Conrad, NZG and many others. Intersting for collectors, modellers and advertising retailer.

Productions of special vehicles and models corresponding to the fleet of freight forwarders, bus or industrial companies in the scales 1:25, 1:50 and 1:87 are our specialty.

Your order from the online shop will be processed as quickly as by calling - and you usually get deliverable items already the next day. (in Germany)


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