Golden Oldies line 50, stands for the scale 1:50 in which the truck - oldtimer models are built. Thus, these models also fit into the collections of TEKNO, WSI, CONRAD, NZG and Corgi 1:50. In addition, the tipper models are a nice addition for the construction machine as well as for the track 0 railroad. The models are made in a two-component injection-molded plastic (RESIN) in order to display fine details. Some parts are manufactured in etching technology, the tippers can be raised and the wheels made of rubber are mobile.
All models are delivered in an acrylic glass showcase !!

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ARCHIV - ausverkaufte Modelle
ARCHIV - ausverkaufte Modelle
lieferbar LINIE 50

lieferbar LINIE 50

Pre-Order LINIE 50

Here we show you all models which are desired from the customers and which we would like to produce in the future. If you are interested, make your pre-order, choose Banktransfer as the payment method and do not pay this now! We will keep you up to date on the state of production and then report back to you with a prepayment account when the model is ready and at our warehouse.

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